ctproduced: Live At Absolute Vinyl

I had the opportunity to play a live set at Absolute Vinyl & Stereo[1]https://goo.gl/maps/ftMh74mukz9n2NzQ8 on Saturday and I had a blast. I’d never really aspired to be a DJ, and certainly never had the chance to practice mixing live vinyl music, it’s safe to say mistakes were made. I had […]

Podcast Time Machine – Bob James

Today isn’t just Christmas Day, it’s Robert McElhiney James aka Bob James 83rd birthday, he was born on Christmas Day 1939. Bob has always been very generous with his time when it comes to interviews. I loved the practice sessions Bob did during the pandemic where you could hear the […]

Born Day: Esther Phillips

Born: December 23, 1935Died: August 7, 1984(Age 48)Esther Mae Jones, stage name Esther Phillips, would have been 87 today. To celebrate Esther’s birth day this year I have a track it’s a fair guess you’ve never heard. Also, I have a write-up by the esteemed jazz critic and historian Leonard […]

Born Day 2022 – Hank Crawford

Born December 21st, 1934. Died January 29th, 2009 (Age 74) I posted a longer look at Hank, and how he got involved with Creed Taylor last year[1]https://www.ctproduced.com/happy-born-day-hank-crawford/, it included the follow mix. This year I also have a 3-page interview publish in Black Stars magazine in 1980, written by Arnold […]

The CT Produced Holiday Mix

Jimmy Smith’s “Christmas Cookin’” album was released on December 10th, 1964[1]The Creed Taylor Christmas Album – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com) and back in 2020, I posted an entry with details of the Smith album, and a “fantasy” Creed Taylor Produced Christmas Album. I’ve reproduced the album links here, you can […]

Grover Washington Jr Playing saxaphone. The picture is a large scale negative used fopr printing press pictures. The picture itself is shown in negative so the picture of Washington is normal

Born Day: Grover Washington, Jr.

Born: December 12, 1943, Buffalo, New York, U.S.Died: December 17, 1999, Manhattan, New York, U.S. (Age 56) This year marks 22-years since the sudden passing of Grover Washington Jr. I’ve written many times about Grover in the past[1]Grover Washington Jr. – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com), especially my 2020 remembrance tribute […]

records on a table with a fireplace and shelving. This is an AI generated image

Reissue News

2022 has been a pretty disappointing year for CTI/KUDU and A&M/CTI reissues. I wasn’t aware of any major reissues this year that made it worth updating the list I’ve maintained for the last 2-years[1]The 2021/2022 Reissue List – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com). Record Store day was also disappointing on that […]

AI image of a turntable and record covers in the background

Mixcloud 4DJ’s Only – CTI Mixes

It’s fairwell to Mixcloud for me, but not goodbye. This post includes 2x 2-hour CTI mixes and my reason for not adding to my MIxcloud shows[1]https://www.mixcloud.com/ctproduced/. Mixcloud announced that “‍From December 1st, we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier.” For me that […]

cheetah running in long grass

Pete Turner Prints

When writing “Pete Turner: Color, Content, Character” I saw an uptick in messages asking what happened to all the reproduction covers that were available for as little as $1.50, and the later $19.50 print on demand original prints? The answer is again, I have no idea, without access to CTI […]