It’s good luck to Flora Purim, Ron Carter & Steve Gadd, a look at their nominations for 2023 as well as some other recommendations. I’ve set my DVR, not that I expect to see any coverage of these artists, sadly. I’m guessing we’ll see more of Ozzie Osborne, who has three nominations. Weird.

Ron Carter and The Jazzaar Festival Big Band

Sir Ron finds himself nominated again after his 64th GRAMMY win for the album “Skyline” with Jack DeJohnetteGonzalo Rubalcaba as Best Jazz Instrumental Album. For 2022 Carter finds himself nominated in the “Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album” for the album “Remembering Bob Freedman”.

Flora Purim

Best Latin Jazz Album for her album “If You Will”[1] released by Strut on vinyl and CD has only been available in the US on Streaming services.

While Flora was never a core CTI vocalist and didn’t record a leader album with Creed Taylor, it was surely only a question of time, who knows how that would have gone?

Flora Purim moved away from Brazil in 1967, with her future husband Airto to get away from the then repressive Brazilian military government. Flora had met Airto a couple of years earlier and they would marry in 1971[2]Myers, Marc.  Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]. 08 July 2022. She first recorded for Creed on fellow Brazillian Walter Wanderley’s 1969 album “Moondreams”. Wanderley had previously recorded with Taylor on a number of Verve albums. “Moondreams” would be there first official recording in the USA, as far as I am able to tell. They both had been performing live in various groups since arriving in the US, including Stan Getz.

Flora would go on to record on all Airto’s albums for Taylor and CTI. In 2009 when Taylor put together his final “CTI All-Stars”, Purim would contribute to both the Rhythmstick album and video[3], as well as the 2009 CTI All-Star Live in Montreux[4]

If You Will

The new album is delightful, and demonstrates Flora still has a lyrical voice, if not with quite the same range she once had. The album is her first of new material in 15 years. The tracks all have their own style possibly harking back to different times in her career. As a best latin jazz nomination, it definitely deserves it’s place in the sun.

I especially wish Flora the best of luck. Airto has been rehab After a recent and challenging battle with pneumonia and he has been getting as much help as he can. You can read more and contribute to his GoFundMe here. You can buy import copies of “If You Will” with free shipping, here [5]Non-affiliate link to

Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez, Ronnie Cuber and WDR Big Band

Steve Gadd, like Carter was also nominated at the 64th GRAMMYs, but unsuccessful in the “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album”. This year Gadd, Gomez, Cuber and the WDR Big Band are up against Sir Ron in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album award with the album “Center Stage”[6]

Gadd like Purim, never recorded a leader album with Taylor, but between 1974 and 1977, was in essence the house drummer for CTI and Kudu albums. recording some 30+ live and studio albums.

New Music And Other Nominations

Congratulations also to Gerald Albright, Christian McBride, Wayne Shorter and Cécile McLorin Salvant on their nominations. The GRAMMY site can be searched if you want to lookup nominations and wins by artist.

I have a couple of recommendations if you want to try something new.

Arooj Aftab & Anoushka Shankar are nominated for Best Global Music Performance for “Udhero Na”. Arooj Aftab[7], the US based born Pakistani born singer and producer won a 64th GRAMMY award in the same category, along with a nomination for Best New Artist. Her 2021 album is a favorite.

Angélique Kidjo & Ibrahim Maalouf are nominated for Best Global Music Album for the album “Queen Of Sheba”. Maalouf[8] is a real talent. I have not heard the “Queen of Sheba” album, but the French-Lebanese trumpeter, arranger and composer’s 2019 album is a treat for the ears.

A complete, simple text list of the nominations can be found here on Yahoo or via


2 Myers, Marc.  Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]. 08 July 2022
5 Non-affiliate link to

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