Even before the pandemic was over Sir Ron had been busy. Ron does regular member only zoom calls, which are both instructive and entertaining. If you don’t get emails from Ron’s team, I can recommend signing-up at https://roncarterjazz.com you can also get a 15% coupon for merch’ and ever-increasing catalogue of material.

This post though is to summarize a big upcoming or as modern DJ’s seem to say, forthcoming, releases. Ron has a film, a soundtrack album, some new website features and some great tour dates to continue this years life on the road.

Ron Carter Movie – “Finding The Right Notes”

Ron’s biographical film premieres on broadcast TV on October 21st, 2022 – at least here in the Rocky Mountain region[1]Check pbs.org for your local schedule. The film is described as “An intimate portrait of the quiet genius who speaks with his music, and who brought the upright bass out from the background into the spotlight.”.

Finding The Right Notes – Trailer

Finding The Right Notes – Segment

Ron visits Ferndale Michigan, his childhood home for the first time in 70-years.

The film features Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, Christian McBride, George Benson, Stanley Clarke, Russell Malone, Bill Frisell and many others.

US readers can advance or pre-order a DVD of the film from pbs.org[2]PRE-ORDER Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes DVD | Shop.PBS.org. For readers outside the USA, I’ve asked Ron’s team what the plans are for streaming and purchase and will update when I get a response. In the meantime https://www.roncartermovie.com/

Film Soundtrack

The film is accompanied by a double album soundtrack. The soundtrack is currently available from roncarterjazz.com as a 180g vinyl edition and contains 11-tracks and runs some 1-hour 28-minutes of new recordings, including some classic tracks.

roncarterjazz.com is currently offering international shipping to countries outside the USA. I understand the CD will also be available through Ron’s website.

The vinyl double album and CD version are available for pre-order in the USA from amazon.com

Ron In Person

Certainly, as far as musicians I track were concerned, Ron Carter was one of the first back out on tour, only just beaten by electro-house performer Elderbrook[3]Elderbrook (elderbrookofficial.com), who I really like. Ron will spend much of October in various lineups at Birdland in New York. He then leaves for Europe in November with tour dates in London, Finland, Solo in Norway, Amsterdam, Milan in Italy, multiple cities in Spain, Hamburg and Cologne in Germany, Poland, Limoges and Paris in France.

An exhausting schedule for me, and I’m some 20-years younger. Unfortunately, unless I can make the EFG London Jazz Festival, I’ll miss Ron this year. I was scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled to see Ron in Denver at Dazzle. Hopefully another opportunity will come up for me. Don’t miss out if you get the chance!

For schedule details and ticket links see roncarterjazz.com[4]https://roncarterjazz.com/pages/ron-carter-quartet-performance-schedule-and-tickets.

Ron Carter Universe

Finally, if you are new to Ron Carter’s music, or if you are a longtime fan, you can lose yourself for 30-minutes or longer by exploring Ron’s discography at roncarteruniverse.com[5]https://www.roncarteruniverse.com/

The discography is an interactive encyclopedia of music history which includes personal anecdotes from Ron. Many of the albums include samples and it’s easy to lose track of time chasing down favorite albums, or works.

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    1. Thanks Kim, great stuff as always. I have on my list to get up to date and all the live recordings and details. I’ll email you soon about another recording! Keep up the great work and thanks for reading and commenting.

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