Happy Birthday to Bob James, born On December 25th, 1939 – Bob is 84-years old today and still producing great music!
For Bob’s birthday this year I thought we’d have a little quiz to celebrate his first albums.

Everyone knows that Bob recorded “One”, “Two”, “Three” and “BJ4” for CTI. What you might not know is that Bob named many of his follow-on albums in sequence after BJ4. My American wife Kate, instantly named the picture on the front of “Heads” as a 1927 Buffalo nickel, a nickel is of course five cents for album #5. A “Touchdown” is of course 6-points in American football, #6. Ladybirds are meant to bring good luck, the ladybird on the cover of “Lucky Seven” has seven spots, #7.

If you reply here with any album after “Lucky Seven” and can explain why the title or picture on the cover is numeric, I will reply privately and give you download links to my recent Bob James live “All Around The Town” mix sets.

I’ve decided to wade back into the murky world of editing Wikipedia entries, it won’t last though. As well as updating Bob’s entry to discuss how “Angela” the theme tune for “(Taxi Tv Series)”, I also propose adding detail about the early album numbers and you can help. #11 is obvious I think, keep looking, what others can you find? Reply below!

Entries close New Years Day 2024. First reply for each album wins. All replies must include a valid email address which will remain private. Comment below.

picture of Bob James from 2015 seated playing an acoustic grand piano
Bob James in Heydar Aliyev Palace, Baku Jazz Festival, 2015 – By ElxanQəniyev – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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