At the start of the year, I had been holding out hope to make it up to Portland for the Biamp Portland Jazz Festival, which runs for two weeks starting February 16th through March 2nd at over 30 venues. Bob James was on the schedule, plus it would have given me the chance to meet in person with Kim Paris of the FM Radio Archive. It wasn’t to be.

Kim sent along an email with a brief review, some pictures and a short video clip. The sound and energy from the Bob James concert seems as good as ever.

We don’t have a live recording of the show, but Kim also emailed to say that he had posted a 1985 BJ concert Live from the Montreux Jazz Festival, originally broadcast by Radio Suisee Romande.

The performance at Montreux featured Kirk Whalum, a longtime Bob James collaborator. Equally, the performance features two other key CTI alumni, Harvey Mason on drums and the legendary Gary King on bass.

The full FM Radio Archive page has downloads and more information, but you can stream the tracks below. The concert is a full 90-minutes and presented in 3-parts to allow for breaks for radio news etc. [1]

Set List:

  1. Touchdown
  2. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
  3. Night Crawler
  4. Unicorn
  5. Westchester Lady
  6. Zebra Man
  7. Angela (Theme from “Taxi”)
  8. Winding River
  9. Spunky / Westchester Lady

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