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Bob James meets Robert Elms on BBC Radio London

picture of Robert Elms and Bob James togtether

I’ve been a listener to the Robert Elms BBC Radio London show from at least the late 90’s, possibly earlier. I’ve been on the show in three listener segments, I was a London Weekender, and have done two Funk Friday cocurrator segments with Robert, most recently the CTI Special, August 16th this year.

I’d always wanted to get Bob James into the Robert Elms radio studio, as Robert has an old stand-up piano, and in his new extended time slot has a daily live music segment. When I spotted on Bob James twitter ID that Bob was performing at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London, I set about getting Bob and Robert together. It didn’t go as as I’d hoped, but it’s still well worth the listen. Enjoy, Bob meets Bob.

You can listen to the entire December 2nd show for the next 7-days, it is online free. The Robert Elms daily radio show can be found here, and is available live Mondays through Saturdays, the past 7-days shows are via the BBC Sounds app and website.

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