Yama – Art Farmer

Doug Payne takes us through his voyage a rediscovery of Art Farmer’s[1]Art Farmer | Discography | Discogs “Yama”[2]Art Farmer with Joe Henderson – Yama | Releases | Discogs, one of the last recordings released on CTI. Forty years ago this month, one of the last of the original CTI releases […]

Happy Birthday Creed Taylor

33,967 days ago, Creed Taylor was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on May 13th, 1929, , Happy 93rd birthday Creed. The more I learn about Creed Taylor, the more it’s obvious that Creed let his productions speak for him and the artists. There are remarkably few videos or film that include […]

Go With The Flow

One of the best and worst parts of collecting obscure music releases, is if they eventually find a new formal release or re-release you have that moment of disappointment. For me, as with this website, I really enjoy sharing music and musical performances and while I sometimes feel foolish for […]

Picture of the George Benson 5 CD Set "Original Album Classics" and George Benson himself.

Happy Born Day: George Benson

March 22nd it’s Happy Birthday for George Benson, born in 1943. This post is about two interesting items that feature George Benson’s back catalogue from the early 1970’s. Spotify playlists are included, even if you don’t have access to Spotify, there is some interesting side information. Writing about George Benson […]

Picture of New York City Traffic and Buildings

The Street Sounds Mix

We didn’t arrive in New York City Until 1983, giving rise to the saying “I’m not from here, but I got here as quick as I could.” In 1983 New York was still grimy and worn down. Years of mismanagement and underfunding had left whole neighborhoods in a state of […]

CD Cover of the 2003 CTI Masters Vol 2 album, people standing with a raised hand.

On This Day: Stay The Course

I have almost the entire CTI/KUDU catalog on a USB hard drive in the car. It’s almost time to replace those old lossy versions with the original CD copies I’ve bought, or the re-engineered, re-ripped versions I’ve worked on over the last 5-years. Many of them date from the “CTI […]

Hubert Laws – Quiet, Confident, Accomplished

Happy Birthday Hubert Laws! – “You can always do better”. This post contains a number of updates made on October 24th, 2022 following the publication of Doug Payne’s appreciation and retrospective on Hubert Laws “Crying Song”[1]http://dougpayne.blogspot.com/2022/10/rediscovery-hubert-laws-crying-song.html. I’ve left the original text struck out, rather than removed completely. Doug and I […]