Hubert Laws – Quiet, Confident, Accomplished

Happy Birthday Hubert Laws! – “You can always do better”. This post contains a number of updates made on October 24th, 2022 following the publication of Doug Payne’s appreciation and retrospective on Hubert Laws “Crying Song”[1] I’ve left the original text struck out, rather than removed completely. Doug and I exchanged a number of emails about the album. We both […]

Updates on 3R’s and New Old Stock

I’ve made quite a few updates to the The 2021 Reissue List – for the first time including a few of the CTI/KUDU releases that were acquired by Gregg Kostelich owner of Get Hip Recordings and are new old stock, original pressings. If you have any others, please get in touch. This list is NOT for selling used vinyl, either […]

picture of Leonard Doc Gibbs with percussion instruments

Farewell, But Not Goodbye, Doc Gibbs

The last few weeks have bought sad news of the passing of more people from the jazz world. Of course all the major websites and even traditional news outlets covered the death of legendary jazz elder, George Wein. Many also covered the loss of George Mraz, double bass, and occasional sax player. I’ll have my personal favorite pieces on both […]

Picture of Freddie Hubbard and Don Sebesky

First Light Live

It’s September 14th, this year marks 50-years of the start of recording at the Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey of Freddie Hubbard’s Grammy winning album “First Light“. I wrote about it on this date last year[1]On This Day: First Light – Creed Taylor Produced ( This year, I have a video of the title track from the album, along […]

Creed Taylor Month – September 2021

Creed Taylor month was announced and first held in 1968. For background and press cuttings from that time, see this entry. There are lots of indications that the music created by the artists of CTI and KUDU is as popular now as Creed could have ever hoped. In the last year, as well as my own #ctproduced Instagram id[1]ctproduced posts […]

On This Day: Lien Sale

Manhattan it wasn’t, but if you were a “bridges and tunnels” commuter who didn’t drive, Newsday was your go-to read. In the days before smartphones, before MP3 players, podcasts, and web pages, you’d board the MTA bus or train, claim your seat if you were lucky, and either put on a CD, and FM radio, get out a paperback. The […]

Happy Birthday Mr Taylor.

33,602 days ago, Creed Taylor was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, Happy 92nd birthday Creed. Note: This post originally included a detailed post about Creed’s early, “specialty years” at ABC Paramount. This post includes early details of Mr Taylor’s career, including as far as I’m aware, for the first time, a picture of Mr Taylor in the Duke Cavaliers from 1949. […]