Picture of David Matthews in 2023 in his home studio. Still wearing his signature "skipper" hat.

The Other MJQ Conquers Japan: David Matthews

David Matthews, a prolific New York pianist and arranger, found unexpected success with his Manhattan Jazz Quintet in Japan. Originating from a desire to refresh the jazz scene, the band’s traditional jazz approach captivated Japanese audiences, earning several awards despite never performing in the U.S. Matthews continues his multifaceted career.

Creed Taylor in 1979

Today marks what would have been the 95th birthday of Creed Taylor, a producer celebrated for his subtle yet impactful influence in the jazz music industry. Despite facing significant challenges, including CTI’s bankruptcy in 1978, Taylor’s dedication to crossover music has left a lasting legacy, exemplified by his nurturing of artists like Wes Montgomery. His approach, blending commercial elements with jazz, aimed to broaden the genre’s appeal without compromising its essence, a reflection of his deep commitment to both the art and its artists.

A large library of vicnyl records in sleeves on shelves.

The 2024 Reissue List

The post discusses various 2024 vinyl reissues of Creed Taylor productions, spotlighting artists like Idris Muhammad, Nina Simone, and Stan Getz among others. Each entry details the vinyl quality, special editions, and availability across different regions, with mentions of both European and U.S. sources. The author, not owning most releases, encourages reader input to keep the music legacy alive. Links to past posts on older reissues are provided for readers seeking more information.

Grover Washington, Jr – Kudu Live!

In April 1973, Grover Washington Jr. was preparing for the big stage at the 20th Newport Jazz Festival with performances at Boston’s Jazz Workshop. This live broadcast set includes early collaboration with bassist Charles Fambrough. Washington, a soul-jazz pioneer, filled in for Hank Crawford on “Inner City Blues” and had just recorded “Soul Box” featuring top jazz musicians. The album’s release coincided with the Newport Festival. Following the festival, he continued to perform, including a notable CTI All-Stars concert in Boston.

Remembering Esther Phillips

December 23rd marks the anniversary of Esther Phillips born day, Esther was born on this day in 1935. She’d have been 88-years old this year, but sadly died just 48-years old, in 1984. I was able to talk to Tim Hinkley earlier in 2023. Tim, a fellow ex-pat Brit’ had some great memories of working with Esther on her 1973 […]

Body Music Longmont – Mix + setlist

I had a great time Saturday May 20th doing my third ever DJ/Selector set playing exclusively CTI / KUDU tracks on vinyl. I made a number of changes from the first two sets, in total now I have a potential pick list of 54-tracks. Thanks to Body Music Longmont, Absolute Vinyl & Disco Witch for giving me a chance to […]

Remembering Creed Taylor On His Born Day

It’s late on May13th, 2023. I didn’t want today to pass without remembering Creed Taylor on the anniversary of his birth in 1929. The feedback, comments and subscriptions to this website from social media have far exceeded the original number I thought might be interested in Creed Taylor’s work. More than 2,000 receive notifications and emails for each post. I’m […]

Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives

If you were like me and came to Creed Taylor productions during the early or mid-70’s you no doubt have a good memory of some of the classic years of disco. Just a couple of weeks ago I was able to do a DJ Set[1]ctproduced: Live At Absolute Vinyl of some of the lessor known but still great uptempo CTI/KUDU […]

Born Day 2022 – Hank Crawford

Born December 21st, 1934. Died January 29th, 2009 (Age 74) I posted a longer look at Hank, and how he got involved with Creed Taylor last year[1]https://www.ctproduced.com/happy-born-day-hank-crawford/, it included the follow mix. This year I also have a 3-page interview publish in Black Stars magazine in 1980, written by Arnold Jay Smith. Feeling is my thing and playing is feeling,” […]

Grover Washington Jr Playing saxaphone. The picture is a large scale negative used fopr printing press pictures. The picture itself is shown in negative so the picture of Washington is normal

Born Day: Grover Washington, Jr.

Born: December 12, 1943, Buffalo, New York, U.S.Died: December 17, 1999, Manhattan, New York, U.S. (Age 56) This year marks 22-years since the sudden passing of Grover Washington Jr. I’ve written many times about Grover in the past[1]Grover Washington Jr. – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com), especially my 2020 remembrance tribute and story of how Grover met and got started with […]