Creed Taylor in 1979

Today marks what would have been the 95th birthday of Creed Taylor, a producer celebrated for his subtle yet impactful influence in the jazz music industry. Despite facing significant challenges, including CTI’s bankruptcy in 1978, Taylor’s dedication to crossover music has left a lasting legacy, exemplified by his nurturing of artists like Wes Montgomery. His approach, blending commercial elements with jazz, aimed to broaden the genre’s appeal without compromising its essence, a reflection of his deep commitment to both the art and its artists.

Thumb Produces Green for Wes Montgomery

On this day in 1923, jazz guitarist #WesMontgomery was born, known for his successful crossover from jazz to popular music. Before his death, he played a multi-night gig at the Living Room in Cincinnati, revealing a lucrative shift to commercial music without forgoing his jazz roots, supported by a quintet featuring his brothers.

His innovative playing, transcending genre boundaries, appealed to varied music followers, cementing his legacy. Wes Montgomery’s defining success and distinctive style were celebrated up until his performances just months before he passed away.

The Paul Desmond Album That Was CTI and Isn’t

With the Grammys coming up, I thought it a good time to take a first look at Paul Desmond’s career and his association with CTI Records, along with a discussion about his albums and Grammy nominations. I also apparently have some work to do on Wikipedia inaccuracies but mostly this is a look at Desmond’s non-CTI A&M recording and Grammy nominated “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Remembering Creed Taylor On His Born Day

It’s late on May13th, 2023. I didn’t want today to pass without remembering Creed Taylor on the anniversary of his birth in 1929. The feedback, comments and subscriptions to this website from social media have far exceeded the original number I thought might be interested in Creed Taylor’s work. More than 2,000 receive notifications and emails for each post. I’m […]

Giraffe – Turner – Jobim – Wave

To celebrate the opening of the Pete Turner exhibition at the Bruce Silverstein gallery in New York [1], I thought it would be a good time to look at one of the most iconic of the A&M CTI cover photographs by Pete Turner. At the same time finally get around to adding an additional pressing of the Wave album, from […]

Bebeto Castilho – Tamba 4

Bebeto Castilho, a founding member of the Tamba Trio and later, the Tamba 4, died on March 10th, 2023, in Rio de Janeiro. Mr Castilho died at age 83, just a month short of his 84th birthday. This post looks at his yearly years with Tamba Trio through to Tamba 4. Included are streaming links to his solo albums. I […]

AN AI generated image of record albums covers stacked on a shelf

Reissue News and RSD 2023

I’m sure dedicated vinyl fans feel Record Store Day is still an exciting wait. As a more general music collector, from a jazz perspective while the first drop of 2023 looks more promising than perhaps the entirety of 2022, it still looks like labels trawling for unreleased or bootlegged live sets. Still nothing from CTI/KUDU and A&M/CTI reissues. The full […]

Let’s talk about CTI/A&M Covers

Opinions about how to clean your vinyl records are 10-a-penny. You can purchase equipment that costs thousands of dollars, or you can do it yourself with a few carefully chosen chemicals and a brushes. I’m a squeekyclean Vinyl Record Cleaning machine myself[1] This post isn’t about that, it’s about something I’ve never seen before, cleaning the actual vinyl album sleeves. […]

records on a table with a fireplace and shelving. This is an AI generated image

Reissue News

2022 has been a pretty disappointing year for CTI/KUDU and A&M/CTI reissues. I wasn’t aware of any major reissues this year that made it worth updating the list I’ve maintained for the last 2-years[1]The 2021/2022 Reissue List – Creed Taylor Produced ( Record Store day was also disappointing on that front. Perhaps most disappointing is that there is no sign […]