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Pete Turner Prints

When writing “Pete Turner: Color, Content, Character” I saw an uptick in messages asking what happened to all the reproduction covers that were available for as little as $1.50, and the later $19.50 print on demand original prints? The answer is again, I have no idea, without access to CTI books or invoices we don’t know how popular these were, […]

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Crying Song: Answers Will Likely Remain Unknown

I’ve spent more than a few days digging through my own, and online archives to try to answer questions about the CTI recording of Hubert Laws “Crying Song” album in 1969. Unless the Taylor family decide to donate or create an archive or library of Creed and CTI’s documents, Doug Payne and I both feel there are still questions that […]

The Tribute Mixes and Shows

It’s been a real pleasure to spend the last 2-weeks catching up with the various shows and mixes that have appeared following the announcement of Creed Taylor’s passing. Many of them are obvious journeys through the most well-known of the releases on CTI. As well as my favorites, I’ve listed one at the end which frankly Creed wouldn’t have listened […]

The Music Came First

The Snapshots Foundation, Johnathan Bewley produced bio-pic of Creed Taylor has been released on Vimeo. A great number of contributions from Herb Alpert, Ron Carter, Bob James, Harvey Mason, Lenny White, Hubert Laws, George Benson, Ashley Kahn and more. In many ways, as Creed would have wanted, it’s as much a tribute to those artists, than it is to Creed. […]

Picture of the George Benson 5 CD Set "Original Album Classics" and George Benson himself.

Happy Born Day: George Benson

March 22nd it’s Happy Birthday for George Benson, born in 1943. This post is about two interesting items that feature George Benson’s back catalogue from the early 1970’s. Spotify playlists are included, even if you don’t have access to Spotify, there is some interesting side information. Writing about George Benson is difficult, much has already been written by both critics […]

Walking in Space – GRAMMY

The 64th Grammy awards are just a few weeks away, back post-COVID restrictions. The awards will be in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022[1]64th Annual GRAMMY Awards | 2021 | I thought it would be taking a look back at an often-overlooked gem, Quincy Jones 1969 album, “Walking In Space” which won a GRAMMY 52-years ago. Today, March 14th […]

The Best Of 2021 On ctproduced

Back in 2019, before COVID hit, I decided it was time to share the music, recordings and people that gave us 30-years of Creed Taylor productions. 2021 marked the first full year for #ctproduced and I had planned at the end of the year to do one of those end of year posts. Hopefully, 2021 will be the only year […]

Updates on 3R’s and New Old Stock

I’ve made quite a few updates to the The 2021 Reissue List – for the first time including a few of the CTI/KUDU releases that were acquired by Gregg Kostelich owner of Get Hip Recordings and are new old stock, original pressings. If you have any others, please get in touch. This list is NOT for selling used vinyl, either […]