Farewell Les McCann

Les McCann, a renowned musician, passed away at 88 in Los Angeles. Pat Thomas, a close associate, mourned and celebrated McCann’s legacy. His influential albums and photography book honor his contribution to music and culture. McCann’s impact was recognized in a New York Times obituary. His music continues to inspire, particularly in the “Acid Jazz” scene.

On This Day: Lien Sale

Manhattan it wasn’t, but if you were a “bridges and tunnels” commuter who didn’t drive, Newsday was your go-to read. In the days before smartphones, before MP3 players, podcasts, and web pages, you’d board the MTA bus or train, claim your seat if you were lucky, and either put on […]

RIP Claudio Roditi

His death was announced by his long time partner and wife, Kristen Park on January 19th, via a Gofundme page setup for Claudio. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved husband, Claudio Roditi, late Friday evening, January 17, 2020. He was a loving husband […]