Bob James Live!

I missed attending the Biamp Portland Jazz Festival but was updated by Kim Paris with a review, photos, and a clip of Bob James’s performance. Kim also shared a 1985 live recording of a Bob James concert at Montreux, available for streaming and download.

Pop And Jazz Jocks On The Radio

Billboard Magazine’s October 12th, 1963 issue explores the fusion of jazz with popular music, highlighting Creed Taylor’s impact on presenting jazz artists to the pop scene. Here I have two Bill Coss authored features on this topic. Discussed is the trend of pop jockeys blending more jazz into their shows as audiences become sophisticated listeners, while jazz deejays remain cautious of trend slavery in pop jazz. An spoken audio texts are included as an experiment.

The Paul Desmond Album That Was CTI and Isn’t

With the Grammys coming up, I thought it a good time to take a first look at Paul Desmond’s career and his association with CTI Records, along with a discussion about his albums and Grammy nominations. I also apparently have some work to do on Wikipedia inaccuracies but mostly this is a look at Desmond’s non-CTI A&M recording and Grammy nominated “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Black Music ’75 Live Apollo Theater Hubbard & McCann

Kim Paris from the FM Radio Archive Collection recently shared a interesting live set from 1974 featuring Freddie Hubbard and Les McCann at the Apollo’s Black Music ’75 show. This ambitious event aimed to showcase jazz legends to the Harlem audience. The performance, while receiving mixed reviews, provides a nostalgic glimpse into an iconic era of jazz music.

Discogs Artist Page #fail

Discogs have implemented a new web ui and backend interface that removes a large reason to use it for research. I wanted to layout my complaints graphically with images on the off chance that a product manager or someone with influence at #Discogs would see it. I posted most of […]

On This Day: “Bird Lives!”

The lullaby of Bird lingers lovingly on by Greg Murphy, published in the Liverpool Daily Post, Saturday August 29th, 1970 While searching through an archive looking for some details on the Creed Taylor, CTI Rhythmstick project, I found this UK Newspaper clipping. The 1990 version of the CTI All-Stars covered […]