Discogs Artist Page #fail

Discogs have implemented a new web ui and backend interface that removes a large reason to use it for research. I wanted to layout my complaints graphically with images on the off chance that a product manager or someone with influence at #Discogs would see it. I posted most of the detail, without images on their community forum 23-days ago, […]

On This Day: “Bird Lives!”

The lullaby of Bird lingers lovingly on by Greg Murphy, published in the Liverpool Daily Post, Saturday August 29th, 1970 While searching through an archive looking for some details on the Creed Taylor, CTI Rhythmstick project, I found this UK Newspaper clipping. The 1990 version of the CTI All-Stars covered Parker’s “Barbados” on their album and video. Also included here […]

Black Rhythm Revolution!

Not that this album would have been included, but I need to get back and update the reissue list, there have been five or six reissues of Taylor-produced albums since the last update. However, I thought it worth getting out in front of this one. If you don’t have an original release or one of the numerous reissues on vinyl […]

All Vinyl DJ Set – May 20th

I’ll be playing another all vinyl DJ set at the “Times Collaborative” in Longmont, Colorado on May 20th. I’ll update this post with my set time when I know it. The sessions run from 7-11pm though, so it will be early rather than a midnight stint. Jill aka “Body Music” is hoping to start a regular club night in the […]


Most of my music collection consists of vinyl records from the 1960’s, 70’s and assorted years since then. Probably two thirds of that is original, purchased new. When I buy records these days it’s most likely used. Musicians get zip/nothing/nada from second hand sales, they also get very little from, streaming services. Reissues (new music) provides a limited income and […]

Esther Phillips – Blues Hall of Fame

Esther Phillips is to be inducted into The Blues Foundation’s Hall of Fame ((https://blues.org/hall/)).

Memorialization is a slow process but it starts with recognition. In his review of Esther’s career for the Blues Foundation ((https://blues.org/blues_hof_inductee/esther-phillips/)), Jim O’Neal touches on many of the aspects that made Esther’s career so tragic.

Downbeat – The Good, Bad & Ugly

It’s tough to be down on Downbeat. From the 1930’s until Jazz started to wane in the 1980’s years they were the definitive jazz music “organ”. It’s not been a good month for Downbeat in my eyes. My rose tinted glasses are cracked and fading. In this post I have some thoughts on their online archive, what they get right […]

picture of trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, waving, with a young David Letterman standing beside him. Letterman has his hand on Hubbard's back.

Happy Born Day Hub’s!

In the band are Will Lee(Bass), Steve Jordan(Drums), Steve Khan(Guitar) – thanks to the eagle-eyed Jean and Doug! Unusually for any artist celebrated here, I have three posts about Freddie Hubbard for today, the anniversary of Freddie Hubbard’s birthday on April 7th, 1938, 85 years ago. This post is a personal recollection on April 24th, 1984 when Hubs appeared on […]

Freddie, Jazz and People Movement

This post is the second of three to celebrate Freddie Hubbard’s born day in 2023. In this post, I’m going to examine his involvement in the Jazz And People’s Movement (JPM). Despite numerous telephone calls and emails, I could only find contemporary views on the JPM, but I did discover a somewhat skewed view published in Downbeat. It’s most likely […]