Creed Taylor in 1979

Today marks what would have been the 95th birthday of Creed Taylor, a producer celebrated for his subtle yet impactful influence in the jazz music industry. Despite facing significant challenges, including CTI’s bankruptcy in 1978, Taylor’s dedication to crossover music has left a lasting legacy, exemplified by his nurturing of artists like Wes Montgomery. His approach, blending commercial elements with jazz, aimed to broaden the genre’s appeal without compromising its essence, a reflection of his deep commitment to both the art and its artists.

A large library of vicnyl records in sleeves on shelves.

The 2024 Reissue List

The post discusses various 2024 vinyl reissues of Creed Taylor productions, spotlighting artists like Idris Muhammad, Nina Simone, and Stan Getz among others. Each entry details the vinyl quality, special editions, and availability across different regions, with mentions of both European and U.S. sources. The author, not owning most releases, encourages reader input to keep the music legacy alive. Links to past posts on older reissues are provided for readers seeking more information.

On This Day: Getz/Gilberto

Yep, 10-days late, I didn’t plan for this to become the definitive guide to Getz/Gilberto, maybe it isn’t but here it is. I had the audio recordings to add next week.

On March 18th, 1964, the Getz/Gilberto album was released, marking a significant moment in the history of jazz and bossa nova. Produced by Creed Taylor, it featured Stan Getz, João Gilberto, and introduced Astrud Gilberto with the hit “The Girl From Ipanema.” The album became a cultural phenomenon, earning considerable press, books, controversy, and solidified bossa nova’s popularity in the U.S. Its significance in the music industry is undeniable, highlighted by its inclusion in a film and unique archival materials.

Thumb Produces Green for Wes Montgomery

On this day in 1923, jazz guitarist #WesMontgomery was born, known for his successful crossover from jazz to popular music. Before his death, he played a multi-night gig at the Living Room in Cincinnati, revealing a lucrative shift to commercial music without forgoing his jazz roots, supported by a quintet featuring his brothers.

His innovative playing, transcending genre boundaries, appealed to varied music followers, cementing his legacy. Wes Montgomery’s defining success and distinctive style were celebrated up until his performances just months before he passed away.

Mondo Cane #2 – The Worst Jazz Album Creed Produced?

Pop goes the ondioline – A really quite unusual production by Creed Taylor, but was it jazz? Kai Winding’s “Mondo Cane #2” despite consisting of 12 short tracks diverges into space-era pop with Hawaiian themes, not pure jazz. Winding plays the ondioline on several tracks, attempting to capitalize on earlier success. A long form read and review where I suggest that despite its name, the album wasn’t intended to be a jazz classic and Winding didn’t play the ondioline, unless you know better!

On This Day: The Little Sisters

On This Day, December 7th in 1962 a singing duo of sisters made their third of four appearances on TV. They’d be snapped up and recorded by Creed Taylor for an M.G.M album. Just when you think you’ve heard all the vocalists Creed Taylor produced, along comes another one, or […]

Born Day: Little Eva (The Loco-motion)

For a website that deals with the productions of legendary Jazz producer Creed Taylor, you might wonder why I’m remembering the birth day of “Little Eva” who became famous for her 1962, Carole King and Gerry Goffin penned track “The Loco-motion”. Well, a few years later, Creed produced two 45RPM/Singles […]

OTD: Conversations With Myself

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with myself after the Recording Academy left Creed Taylor out of the “In Memoriam” segment of the 65th GRAMMY Awards show on sunday. It is not just disappointing, it’s unforgiveable. Which is the reason the following was posted 12-hours late. More on that […]