CT 502 – Take Away This Pain – Kathy McCord

Side A: Take Away This Pain (?)
(from Kathy McCord)
Kathy McCord
 CTI CT 502 [45]
Master No.: CT 502 A/CT 502 B
Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Nov. 18, 19, 20, 24 Dec. 2, 1969
Released: In USA, never released, promo only. February 1970.

Creed Taylor wanted to begin our relationship by recording my sister, as I didn’t have enough material yet.

Billy Vera: Harlem to Hollywood – Backbeat, March 1, 2017 ISBN-13: 978-1617136627

Kathy McCord was the sister of pop-writing and recording star Billy Vera. As part of setting up a new label and looking to expand beyond his jazz roots, Creed was looking to work with Billy, and as part of that deal, agreed to record the then 17-year old Kathy McCord. More background on the Billy Vera and the CTI project can be found in “CT 1000 – The “popular” label“.

The Kathy McCord single was never released as a single, just the white label which was used to promote the album. I ran a print advertisement for 6-weeks in upstate NY where Kathy had lived asking people to contact me if they had either the album or the single. A couple of people had the album, but no trace of the single. The 1970 promo version is a double a-side, Take Away This Pain and runs 2:40 rather than the 5-minute plus album version.

Kathy had previously released a single as a 16-year old, on Billy Veras, Rainy Day Records. A different CTI single was released in Spain in 1971, with their own label, but using the same Price Givens cover photograph that would feature on the cover of the McCord album.




DISCOGS Release detail
Take Away This Pain(Album version) – music.youtube

10/20/20: Link to CT 1000 and related updates.
1/12/23: Corrected Cover photographer name from Turner to Givens.

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