CT 505 Feelin’ Alright? – Hubert Laws

Side A: Feelin’ Alright? (2:30)
Side B: Let It Be (2:15)
(from Crying Song)
Hubert Laws
Issues: CTI CT 505 [45]
Master No.: CT 505 A/CT 505 B

Recorded: July 24th, 1969(both tracks)
Released: 1970
(probably June)

Two more tracks from the sessions held at the American Sound Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, primarily with the Memphis Boys rhythm section. Both of these tracks were recorded on July 24th, 1969 and later overdubbed, probably in New York City.

As with CT 501, on the US 45/single, “Feelin’ Alright?” is a straight lift from the album Crying Song, same length, same edit. As with CT 501, the track “Let It Be” once heralded as ‘the’ release by Creed Taylor, is in fact the B-Side. It is the same is a truncated ‘Jukebox’ friendly version that runs 2:15, rather than the 3:30 version on the album. There was both a white label promo version, and a green label styrene pressing in the US.

The Dutch/Netherlands release included “Listen To The Band” also from the Crying Song album, as the B-side, and came as often was the case with European 45 releases in a picture sleeve(see above). The track length of the band indicates it ran 4:50, which is longer than the track as included on Crying Song, at 3:20. Turns out the Dutch release has both a printing error, and both tracks run the same length as the album versions, also the labels are reversed and do not match the tracks.

Listen To The Band” was written by Mike Nesmith and included on the 1969 Monkees album The Monkees Present on the Colgems label. The Laws version is a great track, possibly better than the A-side of both CT 501 and CT 505, in this writer’s opinion, and includes a great backing from the brass section of the Memphis Boys. I checked all the streaming services have access to and they all have the 3:20 version. If anyone reading has the 4:50 version I’d love to know if it runs 4:50 or if this is a printing error?


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  1. Hi,

    I checked this and the copy I have has labels wrong way around. I didn’t notice this before at all. Listen To The Band runs 3:20, but the song is pressed on the side where Feelin’ Alright label is, and the other way round. The versions on the 7″ seem to be the same as on the Crying Song album.

    [I received this comment in a reply on discogs, and have updated the post today.

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