CT 506 Train Station – John Martine

Side A: Train Station (2:05)
Side B: What I Chose To Say (2:10)
John Martine
Issues: CTI CT 506 [45]
Master No.: CT 506 A/CT 506 B

Recorded: 1970
Released: May 1970

Perhaps the most interesting of all the “Taylors Dozen” singles, even if not musically. Maybe, but not exclusively because John Martine looks like he lived in Boulder Colorado, just 8-miles away from where I live now. That is, of course, if that’s the same John Martine.

Before I started working on this website, when I was in research mode I reached out to a number of local people from the 1970’s music scene in and around Boulder, but kept hitting a dead end actually looking for someone who knew or had met John Martine. Most of my leads came through the Punk Music Catalog but to no avail. John Martine went on to found the John Martine Group.

Here is what we can deduce from the single. While the single contains the Creed Taylor production signature on the label, underneath the track title it says “Produced by Margo Guryan & David Rosner for Daramus Inc.”

Margo Guryan while becoming a very successful song writer, actually spent time as Creed Taylors administrative assistant or to use the term of the time, secretary. Margo wrote the track Moon Ride recorded by Chris Conner in 1958, who Creed had produced as one of his first artists in 1954. Margo Guryan was also friends with Dave Frishberg, who will show up on CT 509. I’ll come back and look more at the work of Margo Guryan when I start going through the backstory of the CTI staff.

Shows report from magazine with CTI singles identified.

The single was released in May 1970 and likely at the same time as CT 505 Hubert Laws Feelin’ Alright? as they were listed together in the Billboard Magazine’s Disk Action Report column, the week of May 30th, 1970.

The single was favorably reviewed in Cash Box magazine May 23rd, 1970 issue. Although it’s possible the reviewer got John Martine and the British John Martyne confused.

As far as I’ve been able to determine, like CT 501, CT 503, copies of the general release, green label, CT 506 do not exist. Which is odd given Billboards Disk Action Report above. Also like CT 501, CT 503, this was obviously another effort to find a sound beyond jazz, and in this case, another of the licensed masters Creed discussed just months before.

The Daramus Connection

Turns out, John Martine and Layng Martine, Jr. copyrighted a song they had co-written in September 1969, called She Stands Alone. The copyright is for Daramus Music, a division of Daramus, Inc.

Daramus, Inc. was the publisher for both tracks on CT 506 and the Frishberg tracks on CT 509. Interestingly, Daramus, Inc. only ever published songs by three artists, John Martine, Dave Frishber and Lanyg Martine, Jr. these two artists. According to longtime CTI guru and historian, Arnaldo Desuitero, Daramus Inc. was owned by Guryan and husband David Posner.

However, Daramus did copyright the following tracks in 1969. Maybe there was to be a John Martine album?

Bleed My Blood - words and music - Layng Martine, Jr.
Fat Cigar And A Woman - words and music - Layng Martine, Jr.
I Can't Drink All My Coffee - words and music - Layng Martine, Jr.
I've Been Robbed - words and music - John Martine
Pretty Girl - words and music - John Martine
The Recruit - words and music - Layng Martine, Jr.
St Anne - words and music - Layng Martine, Jr.
She Stands Alone - words and music John Martine, Layng Martine, Jr.
Train Station - words and music - John Martine
What I Chose To Say - words and music - John Martine

Like producer Margo Guryan, Layng Martine, Jr. turned into a successful, award winning songwriter. His writing credits include Elvis Presley’s Way Down, The Pointer Sisters Should I Do It, and many, many more. I wrote to Layng via his website, and he has confirmed John is his brother. I’ve written to John and will update here based on any response. It’s safe to assume John and Layng knew Margo through the then New York City music and music publishing scene.

For more detail on Daramus, Margo Guryan and David Rsoner, see this entry.

If you know anything about John Martine, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will be updating this entry if I learn any more useful details.


Updated 10/15/20: Link to CT 1000 post.

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  1. John Martine had a winter rental in Cape Neddick Maine in 1979 1980 I rented the house in front the drummer’s name was Peter Roos had a few songs one Moser Jr has rocks in his head and something about a car

    1. Ha, thats great. I reached out to John via email that Layne had given me. He chose not to respond. I’m in the process of writing some questions for an email interview to Margo Guryan. And plan to ask about this, as well as Dave Frishberg, and her time working with Creed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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