CT 507 Brazil – Antonio Carlos Jobim

Side A: Brazil (part 1) (3:15)
Side B: Brazil (part 2) (2:15)
(from Stone Flower)
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Issues: CTI CT 507 [45]
Master No.: CT 507 A/CT 507 B
Recorded: March 16; April 23, 24 and 29, 1970
(strings and horns overdubbed May 8, 20 and 22, 1970
Released: July 1970

[Thanks to Doug Payne, and Arnaldo DeSouteiro for recording dates, musicians]

One of two 45’s released from the Stone Flower album, the other is CT 511, the album title track. Both the album and CT 507 45 were advertised in Record World and Billboard magazines, this taken from the July 11th, 1970 issue of Record World. The picture was from the same set, taken by Pete Turner and used for the gatefold album cover.

Record World Advert, ran in July 11th, 25th issues

The 45 was released in both promo white label and green label general release. The tracks on the single labelled Brazil – Part-1, and Brazil – Part-2. Part-1 ran 3:15, and Part-2 ran 2:18. Again, as with all the prior releases in Taylor’s Dozen perfect for jukebox and radio distribution and promotion.

Essentially listening to the 3-edits together, Part-1 was just the first 3:15, and Part-2 faded-in from around the same that and continues until until approximately 5:50 of the 7:16 album track. So, not a different recording, just a simple edit. Certainly not the alternate take that appeared on the 2010 Masterworks CTI Records 40th Anniversary reissue and remaster of Stone Flower.

Interestingly, until about 6-years ago, when I finally started to reassemble my vinyl collection from my US home, my parents UK home, and my cousins storage collection, the only Jobim version I had was from a 1997 compilation CD, Bossa Nova – This is Jazz #29 released by SONY. It runs a full 9:40 and comparing the sound wave with the album track, seems to be the same but longer. Interestingly, the additional 2-minutes are more uptempo and like the 1975 Ritchie Family disco/hustle version featured on the album of the same name.

The original album was arranged and conducted by (Eumir) Deodato, and recorded and Rudy Van Gelder’s Passaic, Englewood Cliffs studio in New Jersey.

Musicians that recorded Brazil included Burt Collins, Marvin Stamm (tp); Garnett Brown (tb); Ray Alonge, Joe De Angelis (frhrn); Hermeto Pascoal, Jerry Dodgion, Romeo Penque (f); Antonio Carlos Jobim (p,whistle); Eumir Deodato (g,arr,cond); Ron Carter (b); João Palma (d); Harry Lookofsky (vln solo). Only Ron Carter was a CTI regular at that point.

CTI ran a full page color advertisement in the Billboard issue dated July 25th, 1970.[See below for a printable copy]. It lists Brazil and another track from the Stone Flower album, God And The Devil In The Land Of The Sun as the 45-tracks. I’ve been unable to find any evidence it was ever released that way. “God And The Devil…” was the B-side of CT 511 though. Much like the Hubert Laws version of Let It Be which was touted as an A-side but appears twice as a B-Side, there was some uncertainty over the track mix of the 45’s.

The Billboard advert was also used to promote Jobim’s appearance on the Merv Griffin show on July 21st 1970, where Jobim almost certainly performed Brazil. In 1986, Griffin would visit Rio and record a special with Jobim, in a terribly fawning interview. The 1986 specials are preserved on youtube, but I can find no recording of the 1970 appearance by Jobim. Despite the fact there is a twelve DVD box set of the Merv Griffin show, neither the 1970 appearance, nor the 1986 specials appear in the box set.

One explanation of this is that back then, tapes were expensive, and it’s likely that after a few years, CBS would have recorded over the original show master tapes. This is especially disappointing, as around the 1970, series 7, there were a number of really good musical guests, Eloise Laws, sister of Hubert Laws, made regular appearances.


Of course the Jobim version of Brazil is itself a cover of the 1939 track Aquarela Do Brasil by Francisco Alves.

Jobim’s version though is sampled in Tajima Hal’s Flip on the Beach from the album Isolated Planet. [via bandcamp]

More Information

Stone Flower / Brazil Full Color Advertisement [from 1970 Billboard Magazine]

Brazil (Original album track) [Listen via music.youtube]
Brazil (Alternate take) from the 40th Anniversary remaster [listen via music.youtube]
Brazil (Long cut) Featured on Bossa Nova This is Jazz Compilation runs 9:22 [listen via music.youtube]

Aquarela do Brasil – Francisco Alves – Original 1939 track [via music.youtube]

Merv Griffin Show from Rio de Janeiro [Segment 1 via Youtube] [Segment 2 via Youtube]
Merv Griffin July 21, 1970 Episode [listing via tv.com]

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