Enjoy two great live performances from artists from CTI. Both comes from VHS tapes I managed to buy from ebay. I was hoping to avoid getting into converting VHS tapes, as they are often more trouble than they are worth.

Freddie Hubbard and Airto perform Straight Life at the 1975 DownBeat award show, filmed and broadcast on PBS Soundstage.
Ron Carter and George Benson perform George Benson: Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)

On the full length video of the 1976 awards, George Benson performs his hit “Breezin’” but his years of work with Ron Carter, as seen in the track “Lover Man” are self evident. Brilliant!

was made aware of the videos while listening to an interview with Hubert Laws, who refers to the the awards show, and performing with Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

SoundSTAGE began in February 1972 as “Made in Chicago,” a locally produced music program for the local PBS affiliate in Chicago. The name was changed to “Soundstage” when it was picked up for national distribution over the PBS network. Both full Downbeat award programs are already on youtube in full. See More Information (below) for links.

OTHER A&M CTI / CTI / KUDU Live Performances

I have a list of videos to get, many of them can already be found in some form on youtube, Many others are not. If you are aware of any specific live performances of the artists, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

Note though that I no not have any specific license that allows me to post any video performances on youtube. This can be problematic as if you create videos that are still in copyright in the USA, they can be blocked, or at worst, a copyright “strike” is issued to the account, and as we know “three strikes and you are out”.

Esther Phillips – SNL Season-1, Episode-4

I learned this the hard way when I published two Esther Phillips live tracks, both taken from season-1, Episode-4 of the long running NBC Universal show, Saturday Night Live. Esther performed “What A Difference A Day Makes” and “I Can Stand A Little Rain” on the show which aired on November 8th, 1975. I’ve seen a few live performances by Esther, seldom did she looked so happy.


DownBeat Reader’s Poll Awards Show 1975 [Full show via youtube.com]
DownBeat Reader’s Poll Winners Award Show 1976 [Full show via youtube.com]
DownBeat website [via https://downbeat.com/]
DownBeat Magazine [via wikipedia]
Soundstage website [via WTTW Chicago]

More CTI stars on video can be seen by taking browsing posts with the category “videos”.

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