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Grover Washington, Jr. Plays “In A Secret Place” the title song to his sixth and final studio album as a leader for CTI/KUDU, not including his 1977 album“Live At The Bijou”. Washington would return to CTI later in his career, as a sideman for some of his favorite musicians, including the Thus Spoke Z ‎– “Evolution – Acid Jazz“. Ironically, “Evolution” was the last album of original material released on KUDU, a label that Washington helped to define.

The Locksmith Connection

I’m pretty sure the lineup includes the members of Locksmith, James Simmons, John Blake, Leonard ‘Doc’ Gibbs, Jr., Millard Vinson, Richard Steacker, and Tyrone Brown. Interestingly, if I’m right, that’s the same lineup as performed at the “Live At The Bijou” concert, and album of the same name. Harvey Mason would produce a Locksmith album, “Unlock The Funk”, in 1980, that also featured Grover Washington, Jr. Locksmith were the core musicians that recorded with Washington on his Motown albums after leaving CTI/KUDU.

Locksmith’s first appearance as a recording act was a single, “Summer Song”, released as KU-941, produced by Washington. Interestingly, KU-942 was a similar edit of the same songs, from the “Live At The Bijou” album. I need your help. Can you confirm who the sidemen are in this performance? Leave a comment below or on the youtube video.

The Mike Douglas Show

For those that didn’t see the Mike Douglas show, it ran between 1961-1981 with Mike at the helm. For a daytime talk show, it didn’t shy away from difficult topics and controversial guests. For much of that time, it was hosted and broadcast out of Philadelphia, Washington’s adopted hometown. The episode that featured Grover Washington, Jr. was filmed live and broadcast on April 15th, 1977, Season 16, Episode 146.

More CTI on TV

As always, I’d be happy to hear about any other CTI/KUDU artist TV appearances. At the moment I’m chasing down a copy of the episode of Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert that also featured Grover Washington, Jr.

I have a dual interest in this, it also features The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, around that time, as a junior photographer for the Hemel Hempstead Gazette newspaper, I took a picture of the band during a concert at the Watford Palace Theatre. My picture won a local award.

More Information

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Locksmith – Unlock The Funk [Album, master release via discogs]
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