Kim Paris is doing great things with live CTI sets and broadcasts at the Internet Archive. If you have not looked recently, Kim has posted 4x CTI All-Stars live sets; his radio shows from Freeform Portland to celebrate the life of Creed Taylor from last year(2022) and a couple of George Benson sets from 1975 before George moved on to Warner Brothers and became a popular music legend. Kim also posted this 1981 Grover Washington Jr. live set, possibly Grover at his best[1]

You can access all the sets via – if prompted please consider donating a small amount, the Internet Archive, even without Kim’s collections, is a phenomenal resource for researchers and historians.

The purpose of this post though was to draw your attention to an even more epic playlist, this time on Spotify. It consists of many complete CTI albums, and is almost 1400 tracks long including some not available in the USA. Practically it’s 930 songs, nearly 92-hours of music.

If you are a Spotify Premium Family member, you can download the whole playlist and play it in the car etc. without using up your bandwidth while driving(is that still a thing?)[2] If you run the playlist in custom mode, the first track is features the hugely underrated Grover Washington Jr. contribution to Idris Muhammad’s “Loran’s Dance”. Such a great track.

Let’s keep the groove going…

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    1. Hey Marcus, I just tried both links they are working for me. If you have further problems, let me know and what error and I’ll see what I can find out.

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