While I continue working on a couple of research projects that have consumed the past 6-weeks, I realized I hadn’t posted here much, although I continue to dance of the grave of what used to be social-media daily. Here is a brief post on an interesting stream I’ve been listening too while screaming into the void – that the internet has become.

jazzstreams.org has a great set of jazz streaming radio programs going back more than a decade. At the time of writing, the latest two episodes come from Sound Ideas, Clay Ryder’s show [1]https://www.linkedin.com/in/clayryder/. Clay has hundreds of shows around themes. The jazzstreams website has many other shows made by many other producers. For Clay’s shows, probably the best website to listen for free, no subscription is jazzstreams [2]http://www.jazzstreams.org/soundideas/KLAY-index.php. Here though are the two CTI programs, with no ads’

Do you have a favorite streaming station, podcast or other service that features CTIU, KUDU, Verve, Impulse! or any of Creed Taylor’s productions, leave a comment I’ll given them a listen and may feature them in a future post.

Tracklists are available for show #371 [3]http://jazzstreams.org/soundideas/Episode-371.php and show #372 [4]http://jazzstreams.org/soundideas/Episode-372.php on jazzstreams.org

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