One of the best and worst parts of collecting obscure music releases, is if they eventually find a new formal release or re-release you have that moment of disappointment. For me, as with this website, I really enjoy sharing music and musical performances and while I sometimes feel foolish for spending $120 for the Kathy McCord album[1]CT 1000 – The “popular” label – Creed Taylor Produced (, it doesn’t last long as I remember why I was interested in it in the first place.

Owning music in the next decade will become less and less common. No matter how good the catalogs and electric distribution systems are, there will likely always be releases that will never officially see the formal light of day again. That’s probably true with one of the earliest CTI albums, CTI 1003, Flow by Flow.

I wrote about the album and how the band came to be etc. and what happened to future Eagles band member, Don Felder earlier[2]Happy Birthday Don Felder, Flow – Creed Taylor Produced ( and also about their CTI single, CT 503 – Mr Invisible/Daddy[3]CT 503 – Creed Taylor Produced ( one of the original “Taylor’s dozen CTI singles”.

A copy of the album is currently available for download in MP3 format or 24-bit FLAC format from the Internet Archive. You can get the images in either pdf or jpg format, also from the Internet Archive.

The Internet Archive is an absolutely fantastic resource for research and makes available a wide range of material within the prevailing copyright laws. Brewster Kahle and wife Mary Austin run the Khale-Austin Foundation and are the major sponsors of Internet Archive. That’s not surprising since Brewster Kahle was the founder of the Internet Archive. This blog post was published on Thursday and is great explanation of the thinking and approach by Kahle and the archive and some of the challenges they face.

Please consider donating to their foundation, or any other that directly supports[4]Donate to the Internet Archive!.

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