As always, I enjoyed listening to Ron Carter on April 16th during a zoom call, I’m constantly amazed by his ability to recall sessions and events. Since today marks Sir Ron Carters 87th birthday, I thought it worth sharing this recording of an NPR program, “Jazz Night In America” with Christian McBride.

The playlist contains other material I’ve previously included in ctproduced posts about Mr Carter, most notably on his birthday. Finally I’ve embedded a 2020 Mixcloud link to my eclectic choice of great Ron Carter tracks, another full hour of great music.

The feature image for this post is another original I purchased from the Seattle Times picture library sale. I acquired a large number of CTI recording artists years ago.

Notice, It’s Ron Carter on Kudu. I asked Ron about his Kudu album, “Anything Goes” from 1975 and if he had any say in the music or style of the album that came with the switch from CTI to Kudu on the zoom call. I didn’t get to do a follow-up question and it seems like asked without the ability to clarify Ron misunderstood my comment about the test pressing. I have two copies. So, it’s happy birthday to Sir Ron, former KUDU Recording star. Enjoy one or more of the linked sound recordings!

If you want to see the playlist for the Mixcloud mix, it is in the “Celebrating Ron Carter” entry below.

If you have not seen the Ron Carter film, “Finding The Right Notes” it’s a must. Details in this post

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