It’s fairwell to Mixcloud for me, but not goodbye. This post includes 2x 2-hour CTI mixes and my reason for not adding to my MIxcloud shows[1]

Mixcloud announced that “‍From December 1st, we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier.”

For me that means no more Mixlcoud uploads. My current mixes will continue to be hosted on Mixcloud, but I won’t be adding any new shows there. This change makes sense for Mixcloud who say they are not profitable after 10-years, but doesn’t make sense for me to pay for another membership, mixes are a consequence of my research for it, not the reason.

Unlike some outstanding DJ’s who publish mixes frequently, I spend more than the small amount of money I receive for research on membership, databases, that enable my research. I’ll plan to host my own audio where I can within the licensing laws; submitting to and using work from the Internet Archive and posting new work on Youtube.

If you are not a Mixcloud listener, you should be. I stumbled across DJ2Tee’s “Jazz Label Series” earlier this year. Suffice to say DJ2Tee aka Tony Todd from Leeds, UK[2] has to outstanding CTI mixes as part of the label series. The series includes mixes from Bluenote, Atlantic, Impulse!, Flying Dutchman, Riverside, Strata Records and more. Here are the two CTI Jazz Label Mixes, four hours of CTI, Enjoy!

What are your favorite CTI Mixcloud mixes? Let me know in the comments, I’ll repost them to the ctproduced Mixcloud profile if I have not already.

What’s Next?

I’ve had a couple of emails about what I’m working on. I’m not sure what order they’ll get published in but a reader sent in some great detail about Pete Turner’s father, Don Turner and his Orchestra. I’m going to break out the existing work into a new entry and add some terrific pictures from a family album. I’m working on another post about Esther Phillips, focusing on details of her early years and her life in music; I have an interview with Tim Hinkley who played on Esther’s 1973 “Black-Eyed Blues” and provided the band for Esther’s last performances in London in 1982.

I’m also planning to wrap-up my research on Leon Bibb that I started almost a year ago. What started out as a simple request and has blossomed into almost a complete “life and times” has been reignited after an interview with activist, former Young Lords Party & Black Panther Party member Denise Oliver-Velez . More news and CTI All Star performances live; Continuing to work on details and CTI history including the bankruptcy, the distribution malaise and more.

If you don’t want to miss these and other updates, downloads and more please join the other 992 subscribers, it would be great to make it to 1,000 by the end of the year.


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