2022 has been a pretty disappointing year for CTI/KUDU and A&M/CTI reissues. I wasn’t aware of any major reissues this year that made it worth updating the list I’ve maintained for the last 2-years[1]The 2021/2022 Reissue List – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com). Record Store day was also disappointing on that front.

Perhaps most disappointing is that there is no sign of the 2020 “Stonebone”[2]Stonebone – Finally! – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com) release being added to the back catalog and orderable by stores as vinyl, or as many hoped, a CD release.

Here are two releases though which came across my desk recently both worth a look.

Artist: Stanley Turrentine With Milt Jackson
Title: Cherry
Release date: November 18, 2022
Cat #: MOVLP3138
Country: Europe

Description: Music On Vinyl 180g Reissue, Limited Edition, 50th anniversary numbered Release of 1500. Beautifully packaged gatefold sleeve with translucent pink vinyl record and original styled CTI Labels. Same track listing and lengths as original 1972 release.

Availability: Some copies in Europe and USA on discogs, Music on Vinyl has a find a store facility on it’s website but doesn’t show stock levels for stores.

Artist: Johnny Hammond
Title: Gears
Release date: Nov. 1st, 2022
Cat #: CR00518
Country: US

Description: Jazz Dispensary Top Shelf Series, limited edition, 180g d reissue; 2,000 copies. Same track listing and lengths as original 1970 release. All-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

Availability: Available ONLY through jazzdispensary.com and Craft Recordings.

Notes: Johnny Hammond and Larry and Fonce Mizell recorded their first album together to fulfill Hamonds deal with CTI/KUDU.

“Gears” and “Gambler’s Life” share a similar sound, arrangement and instrumentation. Mizell Brothers used the same musicians when they could. “Gambler’s Life” was released on the CTI subsidiary Salvation[3]Search Results for “salvation” – Creed Taylor Produced (ctproduced.com), principally because it wasn’t produced by Taylor.

It also wasn’t recorded at Van Gelders; releasing it on Salvation meant it wasn’t subject to the Motown distribution deal. Because of that, it really didn’t get much notice outside the northeast region including New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington DC. Which is a shame since it contains the track “Star Borne” which should have been a dance hit for Hammond a year before “Gears”.

If you like this album, then “Gambler’s Life” comes highly recommended, and vice versa. “Gears” was one of the 600-albums I had shipped over from the UK when I emigrated, the iconic “Los Conquistadores Chocolatés” could not be left behind. The Jazz Dispensary also has a $9.99 download version of “Gears” and merch’.

I’ll update the reissue list with these, seen any other reissues, rereleases, remixes that CTI connoisseur would like, leave a comment or contact-us.

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