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SACD Version of Don Sebeskys Giant Box available

Many will not have noticed that Dutton Vocalion in the UK have been quietly remastering quite a few of the Creed Taylor releases over the past 8-years, and releasing them as hybrid, multichannel, stereo, quadraphonic super audio CDs.

Don Sebesky - Giant Box
SACD Content from

Of all the albums to release in this format, Don Sebeskys, 1973 double album, Giant Box, seems like one of the best. I have a quadraphonic pressing of the original vinyl box release that is on my list to digitize. However, even on a generalised stereo system that is part of my home 5.1 surround sound, this is a lucious, cleverly orchestrated album of distinction featuring some fine performances from Grover Washington, Jr, Freddie Hubbard, Paul Desmond, Ron Carter and many many others from the CTI/Kudu stable. If you would like to order a copy to see for yourself what these SACD releases are like, you can find it here [as always I receive no financial or other benefit from these links].

I don’t have any of the Dutton Vocalion releases, and am fascinated by their selection, process, and end results. By coincidence, they are in Watford, Herts, just 10-miles from where I grew up in Hemel Hempstead. I’m going to email them and request a telephone or email interview with Michael Dutton for the ctproduced.

You can hear a full version of the non-DSD album here on YouTube music. If you don’t have a paid YouTube music account, you will be shown ads… I receive not benefit from youtube.

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