I’ve become a recent convert to Spotify, thanks to my Wife, and there are some great CTI Playlists on Spotify.

My music collection spans some 4,500 albums, approximately two thirds are vinyl, of what’s left are of mix of CD’s and digital music MP3’s bought mostly from Amazon Music. I also have a home streaming music service, based on the former Logitech Squeezebox, originally a Slim Devices SlimServer and SliMMP3 players. I have a player in every room, including for workout in the garage and they are all synchronized. So I’ve really never been much into streaming services.

The Logitech BoomBox in the Office

The Logitech BoomBox player I use in the office.

My wife uses Pandora in her sports therapy business, and has recently been trying out Spotify. The home music streaming service has a Spotify plug-in, and I got that set-up and working so we could also listen at home. This week when I was trying to set up a link image system for this website, to make it easier for you to listen to the albums we’ll be reviewing, and in the process came across some great playlists.

“O Som da CTI Records”Dudu DubPlaylist colaborativa: DJ Dudu Dub e o jornalista e produtor musical Arnaldo DeSouteiro que trabalhou em inúmeros projetos para o selo — CTI is a US record label owned and overseen by legendary jazz producer Creed Taylor (CTI stood for Creed Taylor Inc.)

A 6-hour 10-minute, curated playlist put together by long time Brazilian producer, journalist and CTI archivist, Arnaldo DeSouteiro.
CTI Records 5000, 6000 & 7000 SeriesdrfishyCTI Records releases from 1970 – 1979 – thats right, an epic, 21-hour, 53-minute playlist of all the CTI albums Spotify has. I’ve not played this yet, nor verified that they are all there, but it’s epic list.

I couldn’t find a Kudu playlist, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one, just that I couldn’t find it with a simple search. Are you a Spotify user? Do you have a favorite CTI/KUDU and Jazz playlist, leave a comment below, I’ll add them here.

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Logitech/Slim Devices [Wikipedia entry]

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