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The 2024 Reissue List

The post discusses various 2024 vinyl reissues of Creed Taylor productions, spotlighting artists like Idris Muhammad, Nina Simone, and Stan Getz among others. Each entry details the vinyl quality, special editions, and availability across different regions, with mentions of both European and U.S. sources. The author, not owning most releases, encourages reader input to keep the music legacy alive. Links to past posts on older reissues are provided for readers seeking more information.

On This Day: Getz/Gilberto

Yep, 10-days late, I didn’t plan for this to become the definitive guide to Getz/Gilberto, maybe it isn’t but here it is. I had the audio recordings to add next week.

On March 18th, 1964, the Getz/Gilberto album was released, marking a significant moment in the history of jazz and bossa nova. Produced by Creed Taylor, it featured Stan Getz, João Gilberto, and introduced Astrud Gilberto with the hit “The Girl From Ipanema.” The album became a cultural phenomenon, earning considerable press, books, controversy, and solidified bossa nova’s popularity in the U.S. Its significance in the music industry is undeniable, highlighted by its inclusion in a film and unique archival materials.

CT 516

CT 516 Astrud Gilberto – Solo El Fin (For All We Know) Side A: Solo el Fin (For All We Know)Side B: Solo el Fin (For All We Know)Astrud GilbertoIssues: CTI CT 516 [45]Master No.: CT 516 B/CT 516 BRecorded: January 13th, 1971Released: March 1971 As the last of the 14 original 45rpm singles in Taylor’s Dozen, “Solo el Fin” […]

CT 512

CT 512 Astrud Gilberto – (Where Do I Begin) Love Story / CT 512 Where There Is A Heartache Side A: (Where Do I begin) Love StorySide B: Where There’s A HeartacheAstrud GilbertoIssues: CTI CT 511 [45]Master No.: CT 511 A/CT 511 BRecorded: January 13th, 1971Released: February 1971 This is the interesting case of two promo’s and a general release. […]

picture of the 1965 Getz/Gilberto vinyl album

The Risks Of Buying Or Selling Records Online

Buying or selling vinyl music online can be problematical, but I doubt Astrud Gilberto would have expected to be involved in a scheme to arrest someone over it. For me, apart from one package which went AWOL, and another package that arrived pretty destroyed. The bad news is that package had contained a rare Esther Phillips test pressing that was […]

Grammy time – The Travels of the Girl from Ipanema

Today marks the 56th Anniversary of the 7th Grammy Awards, they announced the arrival of Brazilian music in the mainstream, as well as Creed Taylor, (Antonio Carlos) Jobim, and importantly Astrud Gilberto. I wrote extensively last year about the awards show itself[1]https://www.ctproduced.com/on-this-day-the-getz-gilberto-grammys/. It almost didn’t go well. As always with the Grammys there is also the confusion, “wins 1965 Grammy […]

On This Day: RIP Ennio Morricone

When I turned on the BBC radio early this morning, already past lunchtime in the UK, it was announced that Ennio Morricone had passed. A legend for film and music, Ennio was age 91. You might wonder why I’d mark his passing here? Apart from being an absolute legend especially of the same era as many of Creed Taylor’s best […]

On This Day: The GETZ / GILBERTO Grammys

On April 13th, 1965, 55-years ago today, Jazz had it’s most successful night at the Grammys ever. On a night that originally declared “the British Invasion was complete” , what actually happened was that Jazz arrived on the top step at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. Despite the presence of the Fab Four, who’d arrived in […]

Picture of Astrud Gilberto with her finger indicating ssh

Happy Birthday – Astrud Gilberto

A belated Happy Birthday to Astrud Gilberto. When I woke up this morning, during the great 2020 isolation event, I opened instagram on my phone and there it was, from @arnaldodesouteiro wishing Astrud a Happy Birthday. According to wikipedia, Astrud was born on March 29th, so a few days past. I have two of her singles coming up for the […]