Go With The Flow

One of the best and worst parts of collecting obscure music releases, is if they eventually find a new formal release or re-release you have that moment of disappointment. For me, as with this website, I really enjoy sharing music and musical performances and while I sometimes feel foolish for spending $120 for the Kathy McCord album[1]CT 1000 – The […]

Don Felder, pictured in 1970 reading the Village Voice in upstate New York

Happy Birthday Don Felder, Flow

Born on September 21st, 1947, it’s happy birthday to Don Felder. This post was substantially updated in September 2022, and now includes an album mix, download links, text updates, etc. Don’s autobiography, “The Eagles Heaven and Hell”[1]Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles – Don Felder(1974-2001), ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0470450420., pretty much lays out the story of how the band […]

picture of the FLW 45/single

CT 503

CT 503 – Mr. Invisible – Flow Side A: Mr. InvisibleSide B: Daddy(from Flow)Issues: CTI CT 503 [45]Master No.: CT 503 A/CT 503 B Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Dec. 17, 18, 1969, Jan 20, 1970Released: March 1970 As part of evolving CTI beyond jazz, Taylor had spotted and signed a band called Flow. The only thing you need to know about Flow for now, is […]