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Once Around The Clock – Patricia Scot

Press play and read on. Tracklist at the end. For my first post about Creeds ABC-Paramount, or Am-Par records period, I chose Patricia Scots Once Around The Clock. It is a masterpiece of easy listening jazz vocals. Most importantly though, when I reached out to Scot, now Patricia Yorton, I received an enthusiastic response from the singer herself, willing to […]

Nightmare!!(Album Cover)

Happy Halloween – The Red-Eyed Rats

Happy Halloween from me via legendary jazz music producer Creed Taylor, the Kenyon Hopkins Orchestra, and right at the start of his career, engineer Phil Ramone. This track is taken from side-B, track-1 of the Nightmare!! album. Although I think of myself as a “CTI completist”, I didn’t know this album existed until I found a copy in a thrift […]