Picture of Sally Kellerman stading in front of a wall painted bright red. Kellerman is wearing a pink sweater.

Sally Kellerman and that voice

From time to time I chose to write about music that has nothing to do with Creed Taylor, this is one of those times. In recognition of Womens History Month 2022, and in remembrance of her passing in February 2022, this post is about actress and singer Sally Kellerman. It […]

Picture of the original soundtrack cover album

The Adventurers – Q, Jobim, Deodato

I get occasional questions that are random, related, and most often unrelated topics. My usual response “is it worth $75-$150 to you?” That covers the minimum amount of time it takes to look things up and come to a reasonable answer. This one though came on the right day, and […]

Walking in Space – GRAMMY

The 64th Grammy awards are just a few weeks away, back post-COVID restrictions. The awards will be in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022[1]64th Annual GRAMMY Awards | 2021 | GRAMMY.com. I thought it would be taking a look back at an often-overlooked gem, Quincy Jones 1969 album, “Walking In […]

Stonebone – Finally!

If you don’t have a copy, press play and read on, it’s a 1:52 sampler of the album tracks I’m delighted to have an exclusive long form review from CTI and Jazz Historian Doug Payne. I’m lucky to have been able to rip a copy of this album from a […]