Picture of David Matthews in 2023 in his home studio. Still wearing his signature "skipper" hat.

The Other MJQ Conquers Japan: David Matthews

David Matthews, a prolific New York pianist and arranger, found unexpected success with his Manhattan Jazz Quintet in Japan. Originating from a desire to refresh the jazz scene, the band’s traditional jazz approach captivated Japanese audiences, earning several awards despite never performing in the U.S. Matthews continues his multifaceted career.

Picture of a GRAMMY Award

Grammys: Two Drummers, A Bass Player And A Trumpeter

Best Wishes to Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Gadd and Randy Brecker at this Sunday’s 64th GRAMMY awards. While Ron was the only artist to record a leader album produced by Creed Taylor, with both CTI and KUDU albums, Jack, Steve and Randy were just as integral to the success of the artists, albums and labels. For the 64th awards, […]