Looks like George Benson will have two “new” releases later this year.

News has reached me that Benson’s new label, Provogue, part of the Mascot Label Group, are going to release a sequel to the 1978, Warner Brothers, Weekend In LA live album.

The new album, also recorded live, is titled Weekend In London”. As I understand it, was recorded live at Ronnie Scotts Jazz club in London over three nights in 2019. The album will include this, 7-minute version of Give Me The Night. The original Weekend In LA was also recorded over three nights.

Benson has long toured the UK, and in fact, were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, would have been touring the UK now. Ronnie Scotts has long been the palace of small club jazz and music performances, for some shows, tickets are not generally available, only selling to members through a lottery system, and costing over £100, and sometimes as much as £300 or more per ticket.

Love him or hate him, you have to admire the fact that George still has it, and isn’t afraid to user it.

Along with Weekend in London, Benson played guitar for legendary Stonebone album from J.J. Johnson and Kai Windowing. Recorded 1969 and still not available for via streaming services, and blocked on youtube videos and other common user driven content platforms, the album should eventually see release this year.

More Information

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